Fed up of struggling with your weight?

In the next 3 days start to release your inner confidence and kiss struggle goodbye!

So why is it that some people can eat just ONE bite of a Mars bar and squirrel the rest away ‘for later’, when all you can think about is finishing that bad boy off and possibly buying another one to eat in secret?

Being owned by food sucks! It’s time to take your power back and eat what you want, when you want, guilt free and know that you can stop anytime. When you start to feel the benefits of tapping you will grow in confidence with using it in everyday situations that would have previously triggered you to dive head first into a packet of Doritos. You will notice the people and situations that trigger you into thinking about food and you will be able to stop it… Yup, you can actually stop those spiralling thoughts about Maltesers!

OK, awesome!

Sounds a little extreme?

I have been where you are

now and it's no fun at all!

Hello hello! 

I am Georgina Noelat the time

of writing this I am 32 years old and I have struggled with food addiction for… Well… 

My whole life I think! 

I remember being a tiny little kid at the table, turning my nose up at my Weetabix because it didn’t have any chocolate on it. Y’see, I used to have to have warm milk and drinking chocolate powder on my cereal or I wouldn’t eat anything for breakfast. On this particular day, we’d run out of drinking chocolate and so my dad rummaged in the cupboard, found a Spira (oooh, remember those! You could drink your tea through them like a delicious chocolatey straw, but I digress) 

and grated it on top of my cereal so I’d eat it.

I was a diva in the making.

Haha! !

This sweet tooth lasted well into my adult life. I have hidden cinema sized bags of Minstrels in my car and eaten the whole lot on a 10 minute car journey just so I can hide the packet in my car door pocket. Then I’d go inside and produce a family sized bar of chocolate to “share” (yeah right) with my boyfriend.

Then there were my days off in the house alone. These were a special time that I’d actually get excited about! I’d stock up on crisps, chocolate and those tubs of mini rolls and cornflake cakes you can get from our favourite UK supermarkets. I’d eat until I felt sick and then eat some more, whack on a film and stare at the TV, numb. Whew. Sounds pretty bleak, but if you’re reading this, I’d hazard a guess you are sitting there nodding your head in recognition.

Over the past few years, I have studied counselling, EFT, NLP & Matrix Reimprinting. Using the skills I have gathered and used on my own weight loss journey, I have collated a few of my favourite techniques for this 10 Day Tapping Challenge to help you on your journey too.

I practise what I preach! I tap every darn day! I have found that daily use of EFT when cravings struck was one of the quickest and easiest ways to regain control and diffuse the panic I felt almost constantly.

I am no longer tied to a strict health regime and only eating green things, but I also don’t crave Revels or Whole Nut anymore. For the record, I never thought I’d be able to say that! I feel so much freer now than I have ever felt around food.

-- Georgina Noel

Over the years I have done a plethora of diets, followed a vast number of do’s and don’ts but had not found an effective, sustainable regime that works for me. It was obvious I needed to try a different approach.

In such a short space of time I was able to understand what was really going on and started to make changes to reduce the impact. There is still more work to do, I was never going to resolve all my ‘stuff’ in 10 days, but it has highlight the real areas that need work and given me a great boast in the right direction.

Jules Jackson

What people are saying...

Close your eyes now and imagine what it will feel like in 10 days when you have completed all the mindset exercises, tapping videos and implemented 1 little nutritional tweak per day… You are fully hydrated and nourished. People are speaking with you about how you seem more confident. You have noticed yourself feeling more positive about your reflection in the bathroom mirror and maybe you’re even checking yourself out in a shop window! Oh yes you are you gorgeous creature!

Finally, you are free from the constant struggle and have the tools to keep you motivated and moving forward.

Fed up of struggling with your weight?

Start with the  3 Day Mini Tapping Challenge for Weight Loss and in just 3 days time you will be on your way to freedom from your thoughts of food and will be more focussed on what your goal truly is, with a sense that it IS achievable! YESSS!

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